Tips for Planning Your Volunteer Vacations Efficiently

One of the fastest and easiest trends in today’s world for traveling is with Volunteer Vacations. This is also known as Volun-tourism. Other than just visiting the foreign countries, the travelers often get involved with other indigenous people via the community service. So as to make the volunteer vacations successful and most beautiful one, it… [Continue Reading]


How To Plan For A Volunteer Trip?

The next time when you plan out for a vacation trip, try to do some thing good for the world. And this can be achieved by going on a volunteer vacation. Volunteer vacations enable the travelers to see the other parts of globe and help them to carry out activities such as providing medical care,… [Continue Reading]


How To Select The Best Volunteer Vacation Program?

Imagine working with dedicated people from all parts of the world on a project that is close to your heart. It will be a wonderful experience.  There are a number of activities available to vacationers who are willing to volunteer their precious time. Rather than going on for a holiday vacation for fun during your… [Continue Reading]


Volunteer Vacations

AHS Volunteer Vacations

AMERICAN HIKING STRIVES TO MAKE BACKCOUNTRY FOOT TRAVEL SAFE AHS Volunteer Vacations 1997 offers unique blend of camping vacation and trail vocation Washington, D.C.   As winter sets in across the nation and Americans begin dreaming about how to spend next year’s vacation time, American Hiking Society suggests a unique and refreshing alternative to crowded beaches and overpopulated slopes. AHS Volunteer Vacations integrates rest and […]

Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer Vacations is sending teams of volunteers to help preserve America’s parks and forests. They are looking for people age 16 and up, in very good physical condition, who are willing to combine a vacation of excitement and fun with hard work. There is a $30 Registration fee, payable only after you accept assignment to a team. Last year, 250 […]

Help in Preserving America’s Trail Heritage

Washington, D.C.— American Hiking Society is looking for a few good men and women willing to invest a little sweat equity for some very rewarding returns. The national non-profit group is seeking new recruits for the army of trail volunteers it will be dispersing throughout America’s hills and mountains this summer to attack deteriorating back country trails. No, this isn’t […]

Looking for Oversea Volunteer Works

Lead time is very much a problem here. Also, as an overseas volunteer you, arguably, must be able to add value that a local couldn’t (I remember a guy in the US who spoke German perfectly and that was the reason a colleague thought he should be used in Germany rather than one of the 50,000,000 Germans already there). A sponsoring […]


Supervision on Field Trips

I am a director of a child care center in Maryland, serving infants through school age.  We have a five-year old child in our kindergarten class with autism; she attends a special school during part of the day and then comes to us in the afternoon.  FYI, the adult-child ratio for five-year olds in our state is 1 adult […]

Traveling with Kids Without Stress

It is agreed that travel can enrich a child’s education in many ways and have never hesitated to pull kids out of class for a volunteer vacations trip. The best teachers use it as an opportunity to teach the whole class about another part of the world and another culture. For many schools, it’s an […]

Nature Tours in on Amazon

Green Travel <> is a public conference and a mailing list of the APC Networks dedicated to environmentally and culturally responsible tourism.It is conceived as a forum for sharing information on soft tourism. Soft tourism is a translation from the widely used German term “sanfter Tourismus”. Tourism refers here to all aspects of the travel industry, natural or […]

Best Adventure Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation

Are you tired of spending all of your vacation time visiting family? Are you sick of hanging out on the couch and staring at a television set with your parents because choosing something else would have made you feel bad? Trying to get over the guilt is hard! Don’t you want to have fun on your volunteer vacations? […]

Suggestions for Vacation Destinations (With Small Kids)

Go to San Francisco if you want. There are certainly plenty of family friendly restaurants, museums, and other attractions there. For example, you and your kid might enjoy walking across the Golden Gate Bridge if the weather is nice. You can spend time on Fisherman’s Wharf and see the aquarium there, and visit some of the other museums. If […]

Fishing Trips at WDW

I’ve settled into the serious planning stages for our November trip (OK, I know I’m a little late, but we were just there in June and I’ve finally caught up at work and home) and I was looking ofr something ’different’ for my husband to try this visit.  I saw the fishing excursions on Deb’s site and wanted to find […]


Summer will be quite hot, and may or may not cool in the eve. It will probably rain daily. Summer is tropical storm season. Wear layered clothing and sunscreen. You can expect to tour fairly easily the first 90 min. of the day if you avoid the park that opens early. By 11 or so there will be significant waits. […]

Life Style

Sierra Club Outings

The American Hiking Society organizes a variety of volunteer work trips, including trail maintenance trips.  Perhaps that is what he was talking about. I don’t know how the workload compares. The AHS work trips require a much smaller fee than the Sierra Club service trips. The American Hiking Society sponsors “volunteer vacations”, which were most recently listed in the […]

Portable Games for Vacation

People getting ready to go on volunteer vacations, also tries to put together a group of games with them.  The criteria for taking games are (1) portability(2) suitable for groups of 3+ and (3) replay value. So not to start any kind of “flame war” or re-ignite Card-based games are of high interest, since they seem to […]

Flying as a Realistic Means of Travel

We have used the plane for several volunteer vacations trips, and certainly it’s great when the weather’s nice. We’ve taken a few trips in IMC weather too. However, we’ve also been “stuck” occasionally. I’ve come to the conclusion that to really use GA to travel, turbocharging is required, wx avoidance gear (stormscope and/or radar) is required, de-ice is pretty much required, and pressurization […]

Is DVD a Good Thing on a Notebook?

I just bought a laptop WITH a DVD for the following reason: I travel on business a fair amount.  5 hour trips on a plane can get boring. Granted, I do some work in the air, but after an hour or two, I’m ready for a break.  Now, I can watch a movie that I WANT to watch.  Rent and […]

Christmas Vacation Trip

I know it’s probably insane to plan a Disney trip for Christmas Volunteer vacations, but it simply can’t be helped.  My daughter is in first grade and (we learned in *kindergarten*) has a hard time catching up once her school routine is disrupted.  And she and I both are in Disney withdrawal, since our last trip was in […]

Earth watch

Earth watch - A 20 year old nonprofit charity which allows volunteers to participate on peer reviewed scientific and conservation projects around the planet. We got their catalog of expeditions. We were a bit surprised by the fact that one has to be volunteer twice. That is, you go and do work in a trip according to your qualification but you also pay what […]

No more Short Trips?

People are forgetting is how incredibly time consuming–and expensive as a result– putting a short story anthology is for a commercial publisher, particularly when the editors for the anthologies at the Beeb have traditionally been Worldwide editorial staff (at Virgin they paid outside editors for the Decalogs, but the writers themselves got paid less than the Beeb does as […]

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